Why More People Are Choosing Glass Shower Screens For A Modern Look

In the middle years of the 21st-century, shower curtains were the most common type of screening for your shower area.

However, recently there has been a strong trend towards people preferring to choose enclosures, with glass screens instead. There were several good reasons why people are choosing to opt for shower screens in their Wollongong homes, rather than curtains, and Langson Glass will explain why.

More aesthetically pleasing

Shower curtains are often very bulky, spend most of their lives bunched together, and may end up stained and unappealing. Rather than using a curtain, you can have an enclosure with clear glass screens that give you a better view into the shower.

An illusion of space

The bulkiness of shower curtains often mean they conceal part of your room, making the whole bathroom look smaller. When you opt for shower screens from Langson Glass you can open up that interior, giving you more room to work with.

Less confining

When you are in the shell, you do not want to feel enclosed, but shower curtains can often become oppressive, and might even try to cling to your legs or body. You can choose instead to use a shower enclosure, which allows you to see out of the shower area and does not confine you in any way.

Easier to clean

Another advantage of shower enclosures over curtains is that the latter can become stained and dirty looking, and they can also become infested with mould and dirt, which then contaminates the shower enclosure. Keeping them clean is not easy, while you can quickly wipe down a glass shower enclosure from Langson Glass.

More hygienic

As noted above, shower curtains can quickly become infested with dirt and other nasty contaminants, then affect you as you are trying to have a shower. Glass enclosures are much easier to clean, which means that there is less dirt and grime on the enclosure as you shower. All that is required is a quick wipe clean after each visit to the enclosure.

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