Frameless Shower Screens Are A Great Feature For All Bathroom Styles

Frameless shower screens are something that every homeowner will aspire to. There are many reasons why people choose to install these shower screens in their Wollongong home during renovations. Not only can they make a small bathroom fill large, or give a sophisticated boutique look to a domestic bathroom, they can also be used in a variety of different ways as the team at Langson Glass can demonstrate.

Utilise in smaller bathrooms

If you want to include a bath with your shower setup, then you need a screen that will not only protect the shower but can fit in with the bath. One way to do this is by positioning frameless screens in a way that enclose both your bath and the shower without sacrificing too much space. If you consider this as the best option, then we would also recommend that you choose to make your floor into a wet room.

Using shower screens in large bathrooms

When you have a larger bathroom, adding a shower screen can make it seem as though that part of the bathroom is closed off. Rather than isolate your shower, frameless screens help you to keep the aesthetic of the large bathroom the same. Langson Glass can help you to find the right frameless glass for this purpose.

Opening up small spaces

With a frameless shower enclosure, you can do so much more with your bathroom. In a very small bathroom, framed shower screens can overwhelm the space. Instead, frameless panels create a cubicle that still retains the feeling of being a part of the bathroom, extending the space that you have a making the bathroom feel larger.

Using natural light

Frameless glass screens are the perfect way to make use of light where windows are small and would be restricted by standard shower cubicles. Langson Glass can help you to find the perfect position for your frameless glass so that the light is emphasised while still keeping the shower area enclosed. Floor space may also be freed up by using the frameless enclosure to keep the bathroom area tidy.

Let us help you find the perfect shower screen

When you are searching for modern designs that incorporate frameless shower screens in Wollongong, speak to Langson Glass about our special skills. We can help you make the most of your bathroom today so reach out to us online or call us on 02-4225-1300 now.